I’ve never liked carrots. No matter how they’ve been prepared or smothered with butter or honey–I just really don’t like them. The only exception in my 28 years of life has been when my husband makes his Sunday roast, and roasts carrots along with the beef and other vegetables.

The WIC program gives us carrots–lots of carrots. Ugh. They gave me recipes, and lots of information on carrots. So, I’ve been reading. Did you know:

  • One single dark orange carrot can supply enough beta-carotene to meet our total daily allowance requirement of vitamin A. (Vitamin A is necessary for good eye health, strong bones and teeth.)
  • Adults who lack adequate vitamin A can suffer from poor eyesight, split fingernails that peel and become ridged, skin that develops blemishes, wrinkles and becomes dry, and their hair becomes dry, brittle and dull. Children lacking sufficient vitamin A are more susceptible to infections. Insufficient vitamin A is known to be the primary cause of blindness in American children.
  • Carrots also have vitamins C and E, and are good sources of fiber and potassium.
  • More and more research links carrots to lowering your risk of cancer.

Okay, I get it. Carrots are good for me, but I still don’t like them. Well, that is, until today. I pureed carrots for E (because they’re good for her), and I gave them a quick taste to make sure they were not too warm.

Who knew? Warm, pureed carrots are good. Not amazing, but good. A little butter, a little salt, and yeah I can eat these. In fact, mix these carrots with some pureed parsnips or potatoes–and YUM!

Mom, I know you’re reading this, and going “Yeah, right. I’m still not going to eat carrots.” Mom, you’ve got to try this, especially try adding them to mashed potatoes. Add some seasonings, if you like.

Just a word of caution: eat ’em warm. Once they get cold–yuck. Cold carrot mush–not a pretty picture.

(Data provided by the California Fresh Carrot Advisory Board.)

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  1. Rose C says:

    I’m off to buy some carrots! I know this sounds crazy, but I LOVE the color and sight of pureed veggies, I love pureeing sweet potato and peaches because they are so pretty!

    Lots of love!

  2. crys says:

    another word of caution:
    i had a cousin who loved carrots soooooooo much that she ate them lots & lots… then her skin began turning a shade of orange.
    she was then told to reign in her consumption of carrots.

    (crazy, no?! but i'm sure this won't be a problem for you since you're not such a huge fan… but still.)

    i, myself, enjoy doing the whole "eeeeh, what's up, doc?" routine with my carrots.

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