Yes, I’m a doula

It’s possible you came to this blog through my website ( Or, maybe you’re family, or a friend who’s just checking in.
I realized that even though I started this blog months ago, I have yet to post anything about being a doula.

Though I’m just getting my doula business going, I’ve been blessed to be a part of a handful of births and pregnancies as a doula. I’m hoping that this continues to grow. I love helping women, especially during this awesome time of becoming a mother.

Doulas have been around for centuries, and yet they’re not widely accepted or understood. Most people look confused when I say that I’m a doula–they have no idea what a doula is or what they do.

I want to change that. Not only do I want to work as a doula helping moms, I want to work for doulas. To help doulas find mothers trying to find the support that only a doula can provide. To encourage doctors to build relationships with doulas, and come to understand how vital they can be to their practice. To make having a doula the common place instead of the exception.

I support women no matter how they prefer to have their baby, but I also encourage them to embrace the birth experience–the way God created them. C-sections are dangerously on the rise, and medicated births are common place. I wish parents would take a second, step back, breathe, and seek out information that helps them make a decision that will equip them for an amazing birth experience. Blindly accepting whatever you’re told (either by doctor, midwife, doula, or whomever) is dangerous, and possibly detrimental to your baby’s well being (not to mention your own).

Sometimes I think I’m a better qualified advocate and business manager, than labor support person (a.k.a. doula, if you’re one of those still trying to figure out what a doula is). I’m sure confidence will build with experience, but I pray my other mad crazy skills will help move doulas forward in America.

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