A baby story…part 1

I’ve been told that it’s important for me to journal and share my birth experiences. That it’s key to my healing, and hopefully can help other women.
So, here we go.

My first pregnancy was awesome. I had been healthy for the most part–a bit of nausea early on, but that’s to be expected. My husband took such excellent care of me, and my only real complaint was my stress level at work.
Around 30 weeks I noticed that I was exceptionally puffy around my ankles and face. My mom had just come into town for my baby shower, so I took a few days off. I mentioned it to my lay-midwife (I had planned a home birth), but by the time I saw her for my appointment I seemed fine.
Fast forward 6 weeks later. In less than 2 weeks I had gained 20lbs. of water-weight, and my legs, feet, and face were more than puffy–they were huge. I just wasn’t feeling “right” either. A friend of my who had severe pre-eclampsia had shared some of her symptoms with me. I called my lay-midwife & made an appointment immediately. I left work & headed straight to her office.
After take a urine sample, and taking my blood pressure (multiple times) she had me lay down. She continued to take my blood pressure & consult with her assistant.
They recommended I stop working, and go home for the remainder of my pregnancy. I thought they were being a bit over dramatic, but I agreed to “take it easy.” I called work & let them know I’d be taking a few days off, and went home.
Being that it was free cone day at Ben & Jerry’s, I couldn’t stay in bed all day that day. (who gives up FREE ice cream?) I did rest for a bit at home, but then spent the evening walking around down town with ice cream.
The next day I just was feeling horrible. I read up on pre-eclampsia & became very scared. My lay-midwife called to check on me, and proceeded to tell me that I was way worse than I was grasping. It was necessary to see an ob/gyn immediately.
I made an appointment & headed in.
The same round of tests, laying me on my side to rest, and then the doctor said I needed to go to the hospital for observation immediately. (Notice how many times I had to be told “immediately.)
…to be continued.

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