I can’t believe it has taken me so long to contact you to give you a heartfelt THANK YOU! for being part of Annalise’s birth in July of 2011! I doubt that I would have had a successful VBAC without you! My birth experience with Annalise was everything I wanted. I know I wasn’t always receptive to your suggestions while I was in labor but I’m glad you stuck with me! Your childbirth class was extremely informative and I felt so prepared going into labor. I’ve recommended your services to two friends this year and I really hope they decide to work with you! I’m fairly confident that my hubby and I are done having kids but if we do have another, I will definitely be in touch with you again!


I started having preliminary contractions in the evening on July 10 (2011). I didn’t get too excited because I started having contractions a few days before my oldest daughter was born and I thought labor this time around would progress similarly. By the time I was ready to head to bed that night, the contractions had mostly stopped but they returned around 3 am the following morning and were close enough and uncomfortable enough that I was fairly convinced that July 11 was the day for baby’s arrival! However, by noon, contractions completely came to a stop and I even questioned if I should go to work to get a half day in! By mid afternoon, I had some indications that labor was still progressing even if contractions had stopped (I lost my mucous plug) and around 5:30 pm, contractions were in full swing again! They picked up quickly and I called our doula to let her know that she should make her way to our house. I labored at home until about 7:30-8 pm when the doula said it was time to head to the hospital! Contractions were getting really intense and close together and I started questioning if I could really do a VBAC. When we got to PVH, one of the nurses asked me if I was going to try for the VBAC or do a c-section and I have to admit I hesitated before answering that I was going to try for the VBAC. The nurses also asked how close the contractions were and how long they were lasting and when I replied that they were 2-3 minutes apart and lasting a minute or longer, I saw their eyes widen with the sudden realization that this baby was well on her way! After being admitted, they checked me and I was already 8-8.5 cm dilated! I will admit that I asked for an epidural shortly after settling in to the delivery room but my midwife and doula both convinced me I was moving along so well on my own that it was unnecessary to get an epidural (and that there wasn’t enough time to bother with one either). I understood where they were coming from, but I still would have liked some pain relief! I did try a dose of fentanyl but I don’t know why because I also tried it while I was in labor with my first child and it had no effect each time. I also had continual fetal monitoring because the midwife insisted on it. I wasn’t too happy about having a contraption connected to my baby’s head while I was in labor but there really wasn’t an alternative. Contractions continued and intensified and after pushing for about an hour and a half, Annalise Charlotte entered the world just in time to claim 7/11 as her birthday!

Tamara’s presence during my labor and delivery made all the difference in the world. I had a c-section with my first pregnancy and even though I labored for awhile, I did not know what to expect with labor and delivery. Tamara’s birthing class really prepared me for what to expect and I know what my body was doing while I was laboring. Tamara stayed calm and reassured me that I was capable of getting this baby out my body, even when I didn’t think I could do it. I know I was resistant to some of her suggestions while I labored but I’m grateful to her for sticking with me and guiding me through the whole process.